My journey with thesis began with a simple article about nostalgia. In a sense, I came full-circle with my initial inspiration. The desire for the tangible, ephemeral materials, in combination with the enthusiasm of a technophile. 

In my research, I have analyzed qualities for both print and digital publications. Specifically, analyzing periodicals and their adaptation to today’s culture. There is a need for immediacy in our lives; the accessibility to news, pop-culture, art, and design is nearly ubiquitous for the everyday person. But what then happens to the daily, weekly, monthly, annually printed publication? They almost render useless when their editorial content is not new and fresh. However, digital content has its issues. Pricing discrepancies, quality of articles published (free or paid for), an overwhelming abundance of endless information, are all causes for frustration. Comparing magazines to the music industry, when an album is released and the listener prefers one song versus the entire album, and so similarly with magazines and newspapers, does the reader actually appreciate its entire content? However, similar to those who cherish and collect records for their sound quality and overall nostalgic purposes, reading is generally a very strong sensory experience. Wouldn’t they miss the printed publication? Queue ‘Clipped’ – a means to browse your favorite publications, digitally, and curate your own personal publication as a keepsake.