I follow a particular blogger who provides refreshing insight about change. Always pointing out that we can wholly remake ourselves, but that it can not be done overnight. It takes a certain perseverance and passion for such a transition.

In 2009, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Shortly thereafter, I realized how much I missed my love for art. So now, I’m embracing that passion. I love design. My journey began here in Boston, at Suffolk University. In Spring 2014, I completed my Master's in Graphic Design. And what an incredible ride. Perhaps it's cliché, but I feel so fortunate to be working in the world of art and design. It's been a long and winding path, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

Always smitten with: identity development, branding, print, web design, typography, and photography. And I promise not to talk about CrossFit...too much.